Lock JointTM Articulating Sidewalk Joint

Extend the lifespan of your sidewalks, with Lock Joint’s preventative, maintenance free solution to sidewalk displacement. 

Invest in the best step forward, with Lock JointTM

Pinnable Lock joint in 4 Colors

Lock Joint is the best step towards creating safer cities, by reducing the risk of trip hazard related injuries and maintaining a smooth, barrier-free pathway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Lock Joint Creates Longer-Lasting, Safer Pathways

Stop sidewalk displacement and save money with Lock Joint! Lock Joint moves with the earth to ensure a safe and accessible walkway.

What is Lock Joint?

Lock Joint is a construction-grade PVC profile that creates transverse joints in concrete sidewalks, bike paths, crossovers and driveways, to reduce trip hazards created by misaligned or displaced walkways.

Why Use Lock Joint?

Lock Joint creates maintenance free footpaths and cycleways, reducing the need for all future maintenance and replacement caused by tree root invasion or soil movement.

How Does Lock Joint Work?

Lock Joint locks adjoining sidewalk slabs together, to move dynamically with shifting soil or tree roots, eliminating vertical displacement between slabs.

Reduce Concrete Movement, with Lock Joint

When compared to similar articulating sidewalk joints, Lock Joint was found to reduce concrete panel stepping by up to 80%. 

Find out what makes Lock Joint the premier choice for a worldwide infrastructure problem.