Pinnable Lock JointTM

Featuring our signature sinusoidal design, the Pinnable Lock JointTM is an industry-leading articulating sidewalk joint, carefully manufactured with a compact design and lightweight construction to move dynamically with the earth. Our patented curved sidewalk joint allows for the lift and fall of the path, without displacement or cracking, caused by soil movement, the freeze-thaw cycle and/or tree root invasion. Lock JointTM eliminates the risk of footpaths or cycleways becoming a trip hazard. With a steel fixing pin, the Pinnable Lock JointTM eliminates the need for support bands, making installation fast and easy. 

By using the Pinnable Lock JointTM articulating sidewalk joint you can extend the service life of the sidewalk and eliminate the timely and costly maintenance traditionally required when articulating joints in concrete sidewalks are not used. 

Product Features

  • Rubber capping with a zip strip for a clean, finished joint on walking surface
  • Made from a construction-grade PVC that is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Flat base for easy installation, with or without steel fixing pins
  • Available in 5 ft. lengths, can be easily customized on site to accommodate any walking surface
  • Exceptional performance in all weather conditions and temperature fluctuations


About Lock JointTM

Lock JointTM is an industry-leading solution to a world-wide infrastructure problem. The unique, patented design of the Pinnable Lock JointTM articulating sidewalk joint locks adjoining pathway paving sections together, to move uniformly and evenly distribute weight in order to reduce trip hazards. Installing Lock JointTM is a preventative strategy and provides a long-term solution to city sidewalk maintenance. 

Not only does the Pinnable Lock JointTM protect against trip hazards caused by sidewalk displacement, but the dynamic movement allowed by the curved articulating sidewalk joint protects trees from the extreme step of root trimming, a step often taken to combat sidewalk displacement.

The rubber capping of the Lock JointTM articulating sidewalk joint easily unzips after installation to reveal a smooth, clean walking surface between paving sections.

The Pinnable Lock JointTM is available as 4″ (100mm) height and 5′ lengths. The articulating sidewalk joint can easily be cut on site to accommodate custom lengths.


The Pinnable Lock JointTM articulating sidewalk joint has been thoughtfully designed to ease the installation process, and can be installed in a matter of minutes. The flat bottom of the Lock JointTM sidewalk joint makes placement easy, while the rubber capping can quickly be peeled away, revealing a smooth sidewalk joint.

Due to simplicity in design, when installed correctly the Pinnable Lock JointTM won’t fail!

Long-Term Solution 

Lock JointTM has designed our pinnable articulating sidewalk joints to exceed expectations and provide a maintenance free solution that surpasses the lifetime of sidewalks, walkways and cycle paths. Once the concrete slab is replaced, the pinnable Lock JointTM can even be reused, continuing to provide a durable solution to sidewalk displacement.

Even in high-traffic areas Lock JointTM’s sidewalk joints keep concrete sidewalks intact and crack-free, reducing the potential for trip hazards and costly maintenance.

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